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FAQ or Frequently Asked Questions!

This page has the collection of questions and answers, hopefully will be useful to any traveler who is planning a holiday visit in Nepal, or has booked and still looking for some more information of the booked trip from our website or simply looking for any travel related information.

Know the country Nepal

Nepal is a small Himalayan country blessed with the highest mountain on this planet earth-Everest (8848m) also called Sagarmatha in Nepali, with Tibet in the north and India in the south. And its not just the highest mountain in the world but has diverse ethos of ethnicity creating the country as one of the most unique nation with the spectacular and highest Himalayas, history, Culture and tradition encompassing the diverse natural biodiversity with some 9% of the birds of the world, squeezed within its tiny area in compared to most of the countries in the world.

What can you do in Nepal!

You name it! From all soft to extreme adventures – city/hill/mountain walks to Mountaineering and rock/ice climbing, world class White water rafting, Kayaking, Canyoning, Honey hunting tours, wildlife treks and tours, Birdwatching, Butterfly and Botanical tours, cultural treks and tours,   eco-tours and treks, bungee, paragliding, zipliner and many more…..

Do I need the visa to enter the country!

Yes, you need a valid visa to enter the country!

Where can I get the visa!

Visa can be obtained in your country or any entry points, you are using upon arrival also.

What do I need and what is the cost of visit visa!

Please carry few pp size photos with you for visa with the visa fees. The fees are $25/$40/$100 for 15/30 and 90 Days respectively.

For more information, please check this link


How safe is to travel solo, specially for women!

What happens after arrival in Kathmandu airport!

What do I expect when I come out of the airport!

How far is the airport from the main city of Kathmandu

How can I get to the hotel after arrival!

Does Kathmandu has good hotel/s!

What is the main local diets in Nepal

Is food safe to east any restaurant!

How safe is drinking water! is still under construction!