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Chepang Hill

$850 per person
Chepang and Siraichuli

This trek (Chepang and Siraichuli Homestay ) is a perfect getaway, for short treks on off the beaten path in between Kathmandu and Chitwan valley, yet feel you are into the remotest part of the country. This short journey can be combined with various other adventures such as Trishuli river rafting and nature safari as it ends in Chitwan national park area that will make this a wonderful short adventure tours in Nepal.

This trip offers remarkable cultural slice, natural enchantment and the adventure experience. The trail rises from the valley of Trishuli to the Chitwan’s highest hill of Siraichuli (1945m) and down to the lush lowland of Chitwan valley. The mountain view from this hill extends from the Jugal in the east to Dhaulagiri in the west. The sunrise and sunset view from the historical fort of Uppardang Gadi is a spectacular sight.

Trip highs
• Chepang and other culture
• Siraichuli peak (1945m), the viewpoint
• Homestay and local interaction
• Off the beaten and natural trail
• Historical fort
• Elephant safari

Itinerary outline
Day01: To Chepang Hill and Siraichuli peak
Day02: Trek
Day03: Trek
Day04: Trek and Chitwan  wildlife resort
Day05: Day in Chitwan
Dayo6: Return Kathmandu

The trek – Chepang Hill Homestay
Even though its is a small trek but still lots of up and down, through the mountain, forest and rocky trails, that can make it little challenging but after every break along the scenic spots and villages will make a great relief and overall very enjoyable.

In the beginning its drive to a starting point, Hugdi . The day usually starts in the morning at 6-7am, followed by breakfast and then walking for the almost whole day. There is always some breaks along the way besides the lunch. Arrival in the villages will be followed by a cup of tea and sorting out of your accommodation.

Level of grade
This walk easily qualifies to be termed as moderate even though it’s just short due to walking terrain and the remoteness in between the developed areas of Prithivi Highway and the Chitwan valleys. The highest point gained is 1945m, with the walking hours seldom exceeding over 6 hours. Anybody can do this trek who likes the outdoor, meeting people, being in the remote but some physical and mental attitude and fitness will add better and enjoyable hikes.

Food, water and accommodation
Food is all local, dalbhat, roti, tarkari (vegetables), achar, roasted corn, soya beans, oranges (seasonal) and bananas and chicken meat and eggs. It is said a homestay trek but area is still devolved well especially for the bigger group more than 4 in most places, so we have to rely on whatever they have or carry some food that we can not get there. The accommodation for the bigger group over 4 people is out of the question and hence we also have to use tents that can be provided by the locals caters only and hence it can be also camping.

Water straight from the tape is available in most of the places but not bottled water but the boiled water can be managed to fill up your water bottle. If not make sure you take water purification stuff.

Season and time
This trek can be done any time of the year

Culture and history

The trek Chepang and Siraichuli is cultural trek more than adventures as the culture of Chepang hill tribe who also depends on the river and another form of nature for their livelihood apart from the culture of Giri puri, Magar and Gurung with Chhetri and Bahuns. The Gadi is a historical place where the large fort built by one of the pass royal family members is an in a strategic location with a great view.

Why go to Chepang Hill and Siraichuli peak trek
This is an alternate trek on off the beaten path quite easily accessible, located in between Chitwan valley and Kathmandu for a short trek. It’s cultural, historical and natural, perfect trek for anybody…

Nature and environments
Birdlife particularly towards the end is abundant and some rare and endemic bird Spiny Babbler can be seen and heard here. Apart from birds, many butterflies can be seen with beautiful flowering and non-flowering plants and trees.

COST and DEPARTURES: Chepang Hill Homestay
From US$ 850/person

INCLUDES: 4 days trek with all accommodation lodge/homestay, meals, service of guide and porter/s, 2 night Chitwan in wildlife safari on full board and tourist bus/private transportation


Any day upon request and booking…

5 nights 6 days
  • Destination
  • Departure
  • Included
    Chepang Hill


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