Incredible India

India is one of the most richly rewarding regions of the world to visit. Its scenery is amongst the most varied and exciting anywhere, its history and culture are not just packaged and brought out on show, but lived. From the monument of love in Agra, the Taj Mahal, Palaces in the deserts of Rajasthan, festivals for all seasons, burning Ghats in Varanasi, safari in the national parks and curry and spices, to name a few, India is the most favored travel destination of all times.

The heart of modern India beats in the densely populated plains of the river Ganges, India’s most holy river. Ganges runs across the vital heartland of the country and through the mythology of Hinduism, it shapes the lives of nearly one billion people, joined by other tributaries, its waters are a vital source of irrigation. To the north stand the Himalaya, the finest combination of both barrier and boundary that exist in the world.

On this diverse physical environment remains etched the evidence of succession of historical ruling, religion and culture going back to prehistoric settlements over 500,000 years ago. The cities of Indus valley left the remains of the world’s earliest urban civilization scattered over North West India.