Nepal, is one of the most breathtaking and awe-inspiring country, blessed with unique, rich and diverse cultural ethos with extremely rich biological diversity of this planet Earth. All these facts will guarantee your visit to Nepal, a lifetime experience, most enjoyable and memorable!

Since year 2007, registered under the Govt of Nepal, Himalaya (NTH) is an Adventure and Nature travel company, run by highly experienced, knowledgeable and reliable experts, dedicated in the activities offered, with highest standard of uncompromising service. The safety being the foremost priority!

Our carefully designed outdoor (nature and adventure) activities are recreational delight. Being a Responsible Tourism Company, we truly, CARE our surroundings and try our best to drop the least possible impact, leaving it as intact as possible, guided by the ethics, to be responsible towards the nature and environment, culture and communities. We try to share the economic and social benefits with the places we visit, wherever and whatever way it is possible.

We are striving to provide our guest the most enjoyable, memorable and inspiring holidays in Nepal, with the highest standard of uncompromising service that commits to sustainable tourism.

To explore and add new and meaningful tourism activities, contributing the communities and the country itself in sustainable approach.

We are chiefly guided by our 5 main core values in our work as:

  1. Experience and knowledge
    All our Directors are highly experienced and knowledgeable in this venture and are backed by trained, licensed and experienced field staffs (guides and leaders)
  2. Honesty and commitment
    We believe in complete honesty in our venture, in words and in deed and never feed or exaggerate the false information/reports, to our guest and around us.
  3. Customer focused and service oriented
    We believe in providing an uncompromising and best possible service to our customers
  4. Responsible and responsibilities
    We are sincerely responsible towards our guest and stakeholders to operate the best possible trips. To the communities or area, we visit in, treating with respect and as per norms of the area and the culture. To the nature and environment – making sure that the environment is left, least impacted or undisturbed as much as possible. To the staffs and porters – providing them fair wages, treating them equally with growth opportunity and insuring them. To the nation itself – by providing the required tax in time
  5. Friendly and safety
    Our staffs are friendly, just try! And safety is one of the key elements for a great trip, which we make sure, is taken care, that comes with our experienced and reliable staffs.

While in Nepal, in your holiday with Nature Treks….

Watch and wonder at the rich and diverse birdlife of Nepal (and the rest of the world) during migration over the Himalayas, to the valleys of Nepal,  jungles of Chitwan and the wetlands of the Koshi. Or experience the thrills of spotting the rare Ibisbill on a slow and winding trek among the high Himalaya of Langtang. For flower lovers we offer you the chance to revel in the glory of a sea of rhododendron blooms on our gentle springtime Flowers of Kanchenjunga trek. And for those who want something bigger and bolder we invite you to track tigers, rhino and elephant with us in Nepal’s sacred Bardia and Chitwan National park.

Or embark on our stunning and meaningful community Eco-treks and support us to carry out, our objective to support the community for their sustainable approach and make yourself proud of being involved in this meaningful journey of your life time!

Or join our short and enjoyable hiking trips in and around Kathmandu valley rims or take Chitlang’s orchid trail or Chepang  – Siraichuli Hill. For up close to the mountains, you can join our lodge treks in popular or extended Himalayan adventure journeys into the really off the beaten path of wilderness. We are also very happy to customize the trip/s according to your date available, time and duration preferred and destination wished.

People behind this venture

Vimal Thapa


Founder of the company and has some 25 years of experience in Nepal tourism, mainly in adventure and nature based tours. Before starting this company ( in the year 2007, he has the experienced of working as a nature guide (naturalist) in one of the wildlife resort based inside the Chitwan national park. And has worked as tour leader/guide for a national and couple of international travel companies. He is managing the company and also leads some special tours such as bird and wildlife and other Himalayan tours.

He is also involved in national social and conservation organisation such as Bird Conservation Nepal, Nepal River Conservation Trust and Umbrella Nepal with an electronic bird forum- Friendsofbird.


Megh Ale

Megh AleAn Ashoka Fellow, he is the Chairman of the company and has the experience in Nepal tourism for 30 years. He also heads the companies – Ultimate Descents Nepal (white water rafting company) and Borderlands Nepal (adventure Eco-resorts, PDP) and with many other companies.

He is the also the chairman of Nepal River Conservation Trust and few other social organization.




Binita Ale

Director of finance and has the vast experience of working in Nepal tourism.


Mahendra Saru

He is one of the share holder/Director of the company joined recently in 2023. He has the experience of working in Nepal adventure tourism mainly in white water rafting, Kayaking and mountain biking


Kamal Thapa

We are also proudly associated with the Kamal Thapa (PhD), who has the vast experience being as an ecologist and biologist in Nepal mountain wildlife with specialization on Snow Leopards and their prey in Nepal

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