Birdwatching @Haibung

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Birdwatching at Haibung and Shivapuri national park
2 night 3 days


Birding @Haibung

Birding @Haibung, Shivapuri national park

Where is this place!

This is a perfect place for short and luxury birding trip not far from Kathmandu with the stunning Mountain View, in nature and in comfortable and refreshing location at Haibung, near Dhap lake.

This area is rich in birdlife, overlooking the spectacular Himalayan views, that can be enjoyed from the comfort of  Resort at Haibung, located right next to wonderful biodiversity hot spots of the country- Shivapuri National parks.

While birding you explore the  area below and around the Resorts. This area is not just important for the Spiny Babbler (endemic species of Nepal) but for numerous species of birds, that are also extremely important and endangered species. Seeing well over 50-60 species or even more birds in a couple of hours or staying around is a wonderful reward of birding without traveling far.

How to get there!

By hiking and birding through the Shivapuri national park, or by drive on  four wheels or even by mountain biking. The duration to get there 3-5/6 hours

Birds to see and explore

The birds that are usually seen includes- Spiny Babbler, Black Eagle, Himalayan Bulbul, Fire-tailed Sunbird, Fire-breasted and Yellow-bellied Flowerpecker, Long-tailed Minivet, Yellow-breasted Green Finch, Golden Bush Robin, Yellow-billed Blue Magpie, Streak-breasted Scimitar Babbler, Black-chinned Babbler, Himalayan Black-lored and Green-backed Tit, Grey-headed Warbler, Whistler’s Warbler, Blue Whistling Thrush and many.

The birding time can vary in different season. In winter, it’s usually much later in compared to summer season, as the day breaks early. Morning till 11-12am are the best time to watch and explore the birds, mainly in summer and spring, though there will be always some birds to see for the whole day.

Spiny Babbler

Spiny Babbler


Recommended Birding trip itinerary

Day01: Kathmandu to Sundarijal and to Prakriti Resort at Haibung
Day02: Birdwatching and exploring the area nearby
Day03: Birding in the morning and travel back to Kathmandu

Please bring along:

  • A pair of Binocular- Most important
  • A field guide book- “Birds of Nepal” with notebook & pen if you wish to note down, though the list of the birds seen or recorded will be also provided later.
  • A camera would be also good to bring if you would like to capture the moment and birds during the walk, as you never know what birds may come across.

Dress Code and other code of conduct:

  • Please use/wear the clothes, that blends well with the surroundings.
  • Please avoid wearing flashy and colourful clothes as that can easily distracts the birds and wildlife and will impact the sighting.
  • Keep your voice low as much as possible, wait and see.
  • Keep distance and do not scare them off just because you want to see or must see!
  • Stick to the rules and norms of the park and the community
  • Do not feed or leave anything in nature that is rubbish in nature.

Who can join and enjoy this birding walk!

Anybody of any age, those who are interested whether you are an amateur or professional as nature has it for all.

We love to show you and make you feel great being out there in real nature with us!

Departures or can be done any day though we highly recommend to avoid weekends (Friday and Saturday) as its crowded due to many local weekend celebrations.

Let us know if you need more information before booking