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Birdwatching in Kathmandu
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Located on the southern fringe of the valley, Godawari forest is the best birdwatching site within Kathmandu valley and is very popular for ornithologists and birdwatchersIt is the home of some 300 species of birds including many rare, endangered and globally threatened species. Birdwatching is usually done at and around the Godawari forest (lower Phulchauki).  Some birds that are the important highlights of this area includes, Minivets, Common Green Magpie, Rufous-chinned Laughingthrush, Himalayan Cutia, Dark-sided Laughingthrush, Rufous-chinned Laughingthrush, Blue-naped Pitta and Himalayan Vultures, Booted Eagle, Parrotbill and etc. For the best result of bird watching, covering the base of the hill (Godavari) and upper part of the Phulchauki hill, two days of time is highly recommended. Over hundred species of birds can be recorded easily on a good day of exploration.

Tour program

Day Birding Godawari: 5-6 hours (approx)

Travel to Godawari, very early in the morning for about an hour and start exploring the lower parts of Phulchauki, mainly Godawari for many species of birds.

And return back to Kathmandu in the afternoon

2 Days birding combines the Godawari community forest (lower Phulchauki Hill) with the higher – Phulchauki Hill, that is great habitat for many birds such as Himalayan Cutia, Hoary-throated barwing and other species that is not seen much at the lower parts of the hill. At the same time the Phulchauki hill also is great for mountain views.


A day normally is of 5-6 hours but can be shorter or stretched longer as per required and how many birds seen on the walk

Just a day tour is also available according to the requirement. Please call us at 4700894, 4381214 or email us at- [email protected] or [email protected]

Basics of Birding in Godawari 

Birdwatching in Godawari and Phulchauki Hill is done along the side of the road, as it’s easy to see and hear the birds without venturing into the forest. The road is mainly used by the officials, located at the top and normally pilgrims or the nature lovers to visit the hill

The lower section is less hilly and is great for birds as good as the upper parts of the hill, that has some rocky path to walk while birding down the hill.

Things to bring along

A pair of binocular, a bird guide- “Birds of Nepal”, and drinking water etc.


This tour can be arranged any day, though its best to avoid the Saturday (weekend in Nepal), as many people especially in dry season visit for their picnic, that can be very disturbing to the birds and birdwatchers, Though, if that is the only day you have time and very keen, it can be managed okay too.

For more details information please call us at these numbers 9771 4700866, 9801024777 (cell) or email us.

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    Godawari BIRDS


Located to the south of Kathmandu city


Every Monday and Thursday Or any other day, though its best to avoid the weekend-Saturday as many people visit here, for their picnic making it quite a disturbed area for birds and birdwatcher but if that is the day it’s okay to visit.
COST:  1 Days trip in Lower Phulchauki (Godawari): from US$ 100 to 180 (with local/private transportation), minimum person: 1 and maximum : 2 person ( subject to change with the group size from 3+ pax mainly due to transportation and entry fees) 2 Days in Phulchauki Hill US$ 270 with group 2-4 person
First price is based on per person with public transportation and second for two person based. This tour is guaranteed for any number of the person, through 2-8 person would an ideal group size. For group the price will be revised as per the capacity of the vehicles, that depends on the number of person, number of days (one or two) and mode of transportation, please feel free to email us to know more in detail

Includes - Private transportation, community forest/Botanical garden entrance fees, guided by birder or bird expert. 

Extra: Your food and drink or any other items that are not mentioned in included section. For more details information please call us at these numbers 9771 4700866, 9801024777 (cell) or