Urban Birds

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Urban/Common Birds of Kathmandu

Nature and culture!

Kathmandu valley, surprisingly hosts, well over 500 species of birds, that is more than half of the birds recorded in the country.  This record is with the pure forest birds, edges of the forest and semi-urban and within the urban area that are resident, migratory and passage migrants. Among these numbers, many birds are globally-threatened, critically endangered, nationally endangered and endemic species. Even though the habitat is shrinking, but the farmlands, creeks and scattered green patches, slope with scrubs habitat, mixed forest and deeper areas of forest on the hillside, are all great for all kinds of birds to inhabit or pass by, making the area suitable for birdwatching and bird photography with other natural diversity.

At the same time this tour also offers the insight of cultural slices of the valley and hidden areas, that even some local have not heard of. Its is a great way to explore the farmlands and agricultural practice, changes that is happening around, unfortunately very fast and ways of life of urban and suburban people of the Kathmandu valley

Urban Birds of Nepal

Urban Birds of Nepal


Where do we go for BIRDING!

This tour explores the both urban and suburban area of the valley floor with the touch of community managed green patches or community forest, providing you to the birdlife of the valley floor and area that is well connected with the forest of the valley. The north and south area of the city are the best to explore, among that we arrange the birding

The exploration trip can be done just for one day or multidays, though here were are offering one of the best possible area that can provide the pleasant experience of birds in comfort with cultural on the side.

How far and how to get there!

The Birding tours are done not far from the city, that are 15 minute to 40 minute drive only, can be reached by local transportation, private car or by motorbikes.

What to expect!

Birds with other small wildlife and people around -the lifestyle of people. You will be amazed how easy and how birds of urban and suburban species will be seen and recorded

Suitable for whom!

This birding is suitable for everyone specially for the beginners, those who doesn’t have time to venture far, who would love the birds living around and with us, within the comfort of not traveling far.

How and what time the tour starts!

We will collect you from your location once booked or meet you the advised location and start birding. The tour starts early in the morning by 6-7AM (summer/winter).

Duration of the tour!

3/4-6/7 hours or can be less or more depending on the weather and your interest and of course availability of the birds around.

Pricing and inclusions

Please ask us for the pricing!

What’s included!

Bird experpert guide/leader, private transportation,local snacks and post bird report

What are the main birds that can be seen, heard or recorded on this tour!

One a half or day trip even on this tour the recorder number of species are well over 60 species and on an average record its 45-50 species of birds.  From Oriental Magpie Robin to Long-tailed Broadbill, Spiny Babbler (endemic to Nepal), Thick-billed Warbler, Grey-hooded Warblers, Puff-throated Babbler, Black-chined, Grey-throated to Wren Babblers (Cupwings), Black kite to Black Eagles, Spotted Owlet to Brown Wood owl.


Urban Birds of Nepal

Urban Birds of Nepal


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  • Dress Code
    Casual, comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat and light jacket