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Panchase is a moderate hill located in the west of Pokhara with an elevation of 2500m, on off the beaten path.
06 Nights 07 Days
This trek (Chepang and Siraichuli Homestay ) is a perfect getaway, for short treks on off the beaten path in between Kathmandu and Chitwan valley, yet feel you are into the remotest part of the country.
5 nights 6 days
Kathmandu valley with the rolling hills offer wonderful short hiking experience nearby.
2 nights 3 days
Mankamna trek Tour Items
The famous soldiers, Gorkhas of Nepal are well known to the world originated from this area. It is the most historical and spiritual area, near Kathmandu. The Gorkha palace, Maithan, first Martyrs of Nepal, many important shrines and caves. The area is equally well known for spectacular mountain ranges