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26 May

New NORMAL post COVID-19

What is NEW Normal after COVID-19?

Here’s the serious question to us!

Are we going to continue our business as usual? Will it be  a #NewNormal or or just old Normal ?

This is a BIG questions to the world, yet simple too.

How the countries and even all general public will want or take it, will be a crucial?

How the countries, that are contributing the most and least carbon emissions to the atmosphere, will continue or move forward in future? Have they any thought how to reverse the situation!

Will, they have totally new policies that are friendly to the mother nature, to our environment and the whole planet Earth? And will that policy implemented to its optimum level, securing the objectives that meant to be or declared?

The simple answer is YES and we MUST ADOPT, the NewNormal– that is more ethical, responsible, sustainable or eco-friendly in true sense, because whether we believe it or not, many of the natural disasters we are seeing, climate change crisis and the present Covid-19 pandemic,  all are the consequences the way, we human has been interacting with Mother Nature. This interaction is hurting the mother nature, so much, that we can not even imagine her pain, as a human standard.

This pandemic has allowed Mother nature to take a break and heal itself a little. The Covid-19 is teaching us a great lesson and we can already see many positive sign on the nature. We now, know very well that it is possible to sustain our life even without being a normal.

Hence, it’s the time, Now or Never!

It is the responsibility of every individual/s, group/s, organisation/s and countries to be ethical, responsible, sustainable and nature-friendly in real sense.If not the consequences will be even more catastrophic  then, we are dealing now, for our next generations to come. We as as global family must think of our family and friends and all the living beings that share this planet Earth. This is the only way forward future that is good for everyone.

We must think and act how we can contribute least possible disturbance to the nature and try to have less and less carbon footprint by taking short flights and taking or using the more fuel efficient transportation while traveling. At home taking opting in for public transportation or other means.

Eating has to change too with least possible meat or no meat, done in ethical harvest and more organic or naturally grown food and vegetables. While traveling choosing local foods and respect the local communities and the area. Some wants whatever is possible as they can afford without thinking how that will come, the process, the damage, inviting the illegal business practice at some points.

Use of plastics should be less as possible and opt recycle paper or even cloths. Try to use water instead of toilet paper instead and if you have to use it, minimise the use as this directly impact trees and then the forest. Always carry the biodegradable shampoo, soap and beauty products. Use rechargeable batteries for the use

Minimise the use of water but not wasting it without reason or too much use of water for some use. For this you have to have less shower or use or install water efficient toilets.

Do travel the area with proper information, that you could get before, making sure you are trying to impact as less as possible in that area or the community. Do not bargain too much and if you think, its too much just stay out of it. You will enjoy and have  a memorable trip of lifetime this way, sure.

Choosing companies or accomodations, are not easy on internet. Even the companies with the most positive reviews might not to be the same in practical and be careful choosing them. Make sure they are truly ethical and sustainable companies.

We, at Nature Treks ( will strongly maintain and implement above points in our office, home and on the tour and treks.

It is few important things mentioned above and there are sure many ways and other actions too, to be taken care, that can and should be adopted by the companies and countries including every good citizen of beautiful planet Earth.

Let’s make this world a better place for every living being.Together we can do!

If you do not or can not at least please do not harm the planet!


Eco-friendly and ethical journey

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