Tibetan Wonder

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Tibetan Wonder

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Tibetan Wonder Tsedang, Lhasa and Everest

20 days trip with 08 days Nepal and 12 days Tibet
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Tibet with Heritage & nature safari in Nepal

This tour combines Tibet tour with the short stay in Nepal.

In Nepal while your visa is processed, you will explore the old heritage sites of Kathmandu valley with expert, that provides rich insight about Nepal and its history, tradition and way of life, a great introduction of the country Nepal. After heritage, you will venture to the finest national parks of the country to explore and enjoy the nature and natural diversity of the country. Nepal with its about 9% of birdlife of the world is rich in natural assets with Royal Bengal Tiger, Common Leopards, One-horned Asiatic Rhinoceros, Gaur, Sloth Bear, many types of Deer with other numerous species of reptiles, mammals and insects etc. Wildlife will be explored by foot, canoe and jeep;

Nepal before Tibet will also help you acclimatized and get used to the area. This tour offers the insight of both the countries.

In Tibet you are on this, one of the most featured popular trips with both way flight to Lhasa. The flight over the Himalaya is spectacular. It’s great experience in getting soaked in Tibetan culture and visit to the north base camp of Everest at Rongbuk.

About Tibet 

Potala Palace in Lhasa: The 2nd part brings you so close to the Shangri-La of TIBET making you feel yourself as being a part of a unique culture richly woven with legends, myths, rituals and festivals when you are in TSEDANG, Eastern cultural center well called as the cradle of the Tibetan civilization; LHASA: cultural capital of TIBET; GYANTSE & XIGATSE, central cultural centres. TSEDANG offers the oldest monuments like Yumbulakhang (2nd century BC castle), Chongye (tombs of ancients Tibetan kings) and Samye monastery (the 1st Buddhist Monastery in Tibet dating the 7th century). LHASA offers incredible sites like POTALA PALACE (majestic winter palace of Dalai Lama dominantly located in the central part of Lhasa city), JOKHANG TEMPLE (8th century temple of Avaloketeshwar), BARKHOR BAZAAR (typical Tibetan downtown still intact with its originality and flavour), DREPUNG & SERA monasteries (the biggest monasteries in Tibet still vibrant with hundreds of monks and lamas) and so on.

Yamadroke Lake: XIGATSE offers Panchen Lama’s TASHILHUMPU monastery (the most beautiful monastery in Tibet). In GYANTSE, you will see the unparalleled KUMBUM PAGODA with 100,000 images of Lord Buddha along with PHALKOR monastery within the age-old courtyard encircled by the traditional wall all around on a hillock.

The last part of the tour takes you to the typically wonderful but far-flung Tibetan landscape with a very high probability of encountering the nomads looking after the famous Yak & sheep herds. During this tour, your visit to Everest BC so close to the highest peak of the world becomes a special lifetime achievement which will surely fill in a special arrogance in your life forever.

Everest BC from Rongbuk Monastery: Every decent right from Lalung La (pass of 5,050 m) starts telling you how high the plateau is along with the fascinating views of the incredible formation of the highest plateau of the world with awesomely beautiful rocks, cascades and canyons slightly hidden in the thin flying mists amidst the mighty presence of MT CHO OYU (8,201 m) & MT XISHAPAGMA (8,012 m).

New highway from Lhasa to the Nepal border: In brief, your memories of this holiday in TIBET is enriched by the lingering impression of the most lavishly decorated huge monasteries & temples, saffron coloured monks, ever smiling people with their typical lifestyle and above all, the challenging Himalayas.


Kathmandu Heritage Sites visit: Kathmandu valley itself is extremely rich in its art, architecture, cultural display through the world heritage sites, will enrich the insight of way of life in Nepal. The tour highlights most holiest shrine in Nepal- Pashupatinath, one of the biggest Buddhist Stupa- Boudhnath and many other sites

Chitwan national park: Chitwan national park is natural world heritage site that is well known for its rich biodiversity, located just 5-6 hours drive to the southwest lowland of Nepal. The offered tours here will again enrich the wildlife and birds that we have in Nepal as this park contains some of most abundant and major wildlife including Royal Bengal Tiger and Great One-horned Rhino with most of species of birds found in the country.

Nepal at the same time, has many options of other holiday adventure -soft or strenuous that you may consider joining another adventure tour and treks in Nepal

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    Tibetan Wonder
Arrive Kathmandu and hotel.
Nepal Heritage Tour and hotel
To Lhasa in Tibet
In Lhasa
GYANTSE (3,900 m): 261 KM
XIGATSE (3,850 m): 90 KM
XEGAR (4,2 00 m): 245+70 KM
RONBUK (4,900 m): 100 KM
Tour concludes
Tour concludes in Kathmandu After Tibet, you may wish to chill out in Pokhara for few days or consider joining other tours. Just let us know!