Responsible Tourism

Our “Responsible Travel”

Nepal, being a multi-cultural nation, has a very unique way of life style and values, which should be respected and conserved. We believe that our activities should benefit the society too. Hence, we a are committed to follow cultural norms that exist in the areas that we visit. We also  support them economically in whatever ways we can. In fact, we provide more  economic support (more than we make), to Myagdi communities in Annapurna. This is the highest prioritized trekking activities in our list  and are promoting and operating accordingly as a community Eco-tourism area. This is creating a sustainable communities out there, making them empowered with more chance of education and employment opportunities.

Annapurna-Dhaulagiri community Eco-lodge treks

NTH is the pioneering company of this Annapurna-Dhaulagiri community Eco-lodge (ADCELTs)treks,  and is promoting, and operating in Myagdi district’s communities. The majority of the trek cost stays in the communities and almost all the arrangements are in association with communities. The economic benefits are not just like those other commercial areas would be getting, where most tourists and private businessmen benefit more than the communities or the area. Our aim is to create model Eco-treks where the community and visitor benefit – a win-win situation for everyone with a great work satisfaction to us.

We are currently running two main Eco-treks in with community-based, where community’s sustainability is the key priority, that creates the opportunity of education, vocational training employment generation by tourism, helping them in practicing the organic farming, Nepali paper making and other activities in local level only.

Environmental responsibilities

In this ever-changing world, it’s not easy for Nepal to maintain and keep the natural environment intact in order to support the demands of the ever growing population. This is inevitable but the worse thing is that the environment is degrading at a swift pace due to lack of proper education and awareness efforts.

We, at NTH, understand and are committed to environmental conservation efforts. Hence, we educate and train our staff to conserve and value the environment strictly and inform them that they should try not to do anything to spoil the environment in the areas that we visit. We try our best to keep the place as intact as we found it and even make it cleaner than before. Non-bio-degradable waste is brought back and disposed properly. Floras and faunas are left undisturbed.

We brief our clients not to litter or pick any rare plants or flowers along the trail, and request them to assist in our efforts to teach staff about the importance of conserving the fragile environment and nature.

Conservation responsibilities

It is important to be able to explore nature, its vastness and its beauty, but it is equally important to promote the conservation of nature, educate and raise awareness regarding its inseparable relation with all living and non-living things. We, at NTH, are truly committed and dedicated to support the programs undertaken by various conservation organizations such as Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN), Nepal River Conservation Trust (NRCT), and Friendsofbird (FoB), to conserve, educate and raise awareness about the nature and the environment.

We are a member of these organizations and support them in whatever way we can. At the same time, we also appeal to our clients to support them, in their own ways, so that together we can make a difference.

NTH is a corporate member of  BCN that is working for the conservation of birds with community participation. Also supports FoB (forum) that promotes the conservation and awareness of birds and their importance in Kathmandu and the surrounding area. Staff from NTH is actively involved in the work of FoB to promote awareness of the wealth of birds and nature.

We also  support and assist  River Conservation Trust (NRCT) that is involved in the conservation of the rivers of Nepal. We provide some office operation running cost and  supports NRCT.

Carbon offsetting

Global warming and climate change are the results of continuous changes in nature which, although is a very slow natural process but human activity is causing it to accelerate at an alarming pace, impacting the environment and natural biodiversity in many negative ways. This is threatening biodiversity that will disappear from this planet for forever. Therefore it’s our responsibility to act and behave sensibly. Here are few things we try to do to offset the harmful effects of climate change:

  • In the office, we have replaced all our lighting to the more energy efficient light bulbs and make sure all office lighting is switched off after office hours.
  • We have replaced most of our computer screens with much more energy-efficient flat screens in all offices and we do not use screensavers.
  • We educate our staff about how they can save energy in their homes.
  • We recycle and try to use recycled paper in all photocopy/printers in all our offices.
  • We encourage to use the land transportation rather than air by our staffs & clients for traveling to &  from treks.
  • We support and help plantation (in Myagdi’s Nangi in 2012)

Collectively, we can make a difference for sure! 


NTH is also a member and supports other responsible organizations such as:

  1. Trekking Agents Association of Nepal (TAAN)
  2. Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA)
  3. The International Eco-tourism Society (TIES)
  4. Bird Conservation Nepal (BCN), and
  5. Asia Pacific Eco-tourism Society ( APES)
  6. World Responsible Tourism