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Nepal for ALL SEASON!

Due to Nepal’s exclusive and magnificent mountain topography, lush  and scenic rolling hills, meandering Himalayan rivers, exceptional and richness in its biological diversity, unique cultural ethos and various other aspects Nepal is  an inspiring and unparalleled adventure holiday destination in the world.

Listed below are some exciting and highly recommended activities:

Trekking adventure in Nepal 

Nepal is one of the ultimate adventure trekking destinations in the world!
Nepal’s mountainous, hilly, and terai regions offers some of the most spectacular adventure trekking experience in the world. Treks vary from high-altitude routes to leisurely ones. These trekking will give you a chance to interact with the local people providing an insight into their life and culture. Perhaps the most enjoyable aspect of trekking is clean mountain air and magnificent views of the majestic Himalayan peaks. One will feel a great pleasure with nature and oneself! A total body mind and soul experience!

Trekking is not a mountaineering. Some of the popular trekking trails are used by mountaineering expeditions on their approach marches, but most are used by Nepalese for everyday travel and trade. A trekking trip can be any length you choose. There are many popular short treks around the Kathmandu and Pokhara valleys. The trek can be undertaken for one to mufti-days of easy, moderate and strenuous category in any parts of the country. The longer and strenuous 2 – 4 weeks to four months long treks (Great Himalayan Trail) are also possible. You could even string a series of popular treks together and walk for months. On the trails, the villages and people can be as interesting as the scenery, as you meet people from many of Nepal’s diverse ethnic groups. The outgoing nature, general openness and good humor of the Nepalese are often commented on by trekkers. Colorful festivals can make trekking at certain times of year even more enjoyable.

There is no question that Nepal offers some of the most spectacular and beautiful scenery in the world. Of course it’s the mountains that are best known and the  mountain photographers have made Everest, Machhapuchhare, Ama Dablam, and other huge mountains instantly recognizable to keen trekkers all over the world. Nepal has a near monopoly on the world’s highest peaks – eight of the 14 highest are in Nepal and a number of the popular trekking routes offer you wonderful views or even visits to the base camp used by mountaineering expeditions. The mountains may be the most obvious scenic attraction, but trekkers soon find there are plenty of other treats for the eye. The hilly country is often breathtakingly beautiful with pretty little villages, attractive houses, neat fields and interesting temples. As you climb higher and the subtropical lowlands give way to meadows, stretches of forest, swift flowing rivers and deep canyons before you reach the cold and often barren regions at the foot of the great peaks. The views change with the seasons, whether it is the cycle of planting and harvesting or the brilliant displays of wild flowers in spring and autumn.

The trekking can be undertaken through out the year, though the best time to trek is from October to May. During these months the air, freshly washed by the monsoon rains is crystal clear, the mountain scenery is superb, and the weather is still comfortably warm.

March to a trekker can see the superb wild flowers, particularly Nepal’s wonderful rhododendrons.

Nature Trips (wildlife and birdwatching)

Lowland and Himalayan birdwatching tours and treks, Nepal Wildlife tours in national parks (Tigers and Rhinos), Botanical, Flowers, Orchids and butterfly tours

Nepal is also bestowed with amazingly diverse natural heritage; hence the flora and fauna existing here are also unbelievably exceptional. Nepal host about 10000 species (600 indigenous plants families) of floras with numerous rare and endangered species that being very importance in terms of medicinal and economical values. Rhododendrons found are varied ranging from dwarf to giant species, of which Rhododendron arboreum is the national flower of the Nepal.

Varieties of orchids found here is also very interesting and unique.

Despite being small in size, Nepal also hosts about hundred species of mammals, many reptilian species and insects. The large mammal includes rare, endangered and elusive Tiger, Common and Snow Leopard and One-horned Rhino or Rhinoceros unicornis.

Nepal is also proud to claim that it occupies about 9% (886-Bird Conservation Nepal 2018) of total bird’s population of this planet Earth. These amazing winged species are seen almost all over the county with midlands and lowlands being in abundant especially during the winter when many of them migrates from the northern part of the planet to southern in Nepal.

11 of world’s 15 families of butterflies making over 643 species in Nepal (Butterflies of Nepal, Collin Smith)

And hence, Nepal offer tremendous varieties of nature walk and treks in almost every part of the country. Be it just a nature walk though the natural environments for watching the birds, butterflies, animals or doing the study and research tour or collecting the specimen of the floras of the lowland or Himalayas. These all trips are wonderful, which also ways of showing awareness towards the nature, educating and trying to pass the valuable information to our next generation

Homestay and community based ecotourism  Experience the true Nepali lifestyle! 

As the traditional tourism has economically benefited some parts of country (Everest, Annapurna and Langtang) in a way but it has been costing the culture and environment dearly.

There are still thousand of area that are still pristine and intact, that are now open for all kinds of tourist who can enjoy the real life and culture of urban Nepal and contribute the local economic responsibly and not harming the environment. This is beneficial for the next generations and the future tourist to come. These new developed areas are equally challenging and beautiful but with a added attraction of home stay and using the community areas for camping or community Eco-lodges, that provides more and authentic picture of this Himalayan country, Nepal.

Research tours

Nepal is a great place to be for this kind of project. Be it in its geological, archaeological, anthropological or the amazing natural diversity. Nepal is open for the researchers, to open the new dawn of finding and evaluation in many fields. Nepal really offers tremendous opportunity for the research work of birds, butterflies, wild animals and floras along with other subjects, as Nepal’s nature has not be studied well so far.

Canyoning Adventures

There are many rivers and waterfall that can be used for Canyoning adventure. is proud to be associated with Borderlands eco-adventure Resort, who has pioneered this unique and new adventure sports in Nepal based at Gati Village area near Nepal and Tibet border. The Canyoning is highly recommended for two days with one night accommodation in the Resort by the mighty river Bhote Koshi. River Kayak clinic and family trips are run in few pristine river of Nepal.

Himalayan White Water River Rafting and Kayaking adventures

Nepal with the network of its over six thousand rivers, fed by Himalayan glacier, is one of the best destinations of the world for the adventures white-water rafting drifting. The meandering and wild rivers form some class five or over rapids, making it very adventurous and exciting. These rafting activities can be taken for a day or extended period of 10- 12 days in Himalayan rivers that provides a rare opportunity to explore and see the hidden site of Nepal. These trips can be suitable for family, beginners or for hard core river explorer. There is something for everyone!

Spiritual and Pilgrimage tours

Himalaya has been always the important Nirvana place, for the great saints and sages due to the abode of great deities, since time immemorial. There are numerous place of religious important like temples, shrines and monasteries in each and every corners of the country, which is a great value to attract the several pilgrims visiting this country. Kathmandu valley itself is very important for both Hindu and Buddhist especially for the holy shrines of Lord Pashupatinath. Other main pilgrimage sites are Muktinath, Lumbini, Gosainkund, Janakpur and etc.

Cultural tour

Nepal is very fortunate to be a country that host amazingly diverse culture and tradition. Nepal has eight world heritage site, most located in Kathmandu valley only. These sites are very important in terms of history, tradition and cultural that reflects the real and prosperous ancient Nepal. There are over hundred different ethnic tribes who practice their own unique and colourful customs and values. Be it Gorkhas from the middle hills, mountain people from the highland near snowy mountains and lowland dwellers from the southern part of the country.

Mountaineering in Nepal

The mountaineering in Nepal daters back to early 19th century and still very popular adventures attracting several expeditions in each season inspite of being very expensive to take. Mountaineering in Nepal is just another dimension of adventure unparallel to any other parts of the world. Be it a small mountain peaks or the highest peak. All these mountaineering adventure offers great opportunity to see the world in an inexpressible experience. Out of 14 highest mountains in the world Nepal has eight of them including the highest one- Mount Everest. Besides these, tallest peaks of the world, there are thousand of challenging and breathtaking mountains peaks in the Nepal, which awaits the challenger to discover its splendor.

Mountain Biking

Mountain biking is another exhilarating experience in a very environmentally friendly approach to see the wonderful countryside in a closely. There are many dirt roads that can lead you to the wonderful countryside of Nepal. Not only Kathmandu valley but many other remote areas to the mountains are wonderful areas for mountain biking.


For people who wish to really get involved with the life of people to know the country in real sense, can join this noble work of volunteering. One can very well get involved as short term teaching and training volunteer in the various schools in the rural areas. And at the same time work in the national nature of conservation organizations.