Day Hikes

Hiking in Kathmandu valley and Rim!

Hiking around Kathmandu valley and rim!

Day in NATURE!

Kathmandu valley is surrounded by beautiful rolling and scenic hill, located within short distance for some 10 minute to one hour drive only. In every side of the valley, there is an opportunity to explore its rural and semi-rural cultural insight. Getting to the rim is always great to enjoy the scenic view around and the snow clad Himalayan peaks in the north. In the forest that covers the slope and rim abounds with lively birdlife and many other wildlife including Common Leopard and rarest Clouded Leopard, Scaly Anteater and many others species.

Th hikes has many dimension that people of all interest can find something that is interesting to them.¬† It’s also a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. Be in nature in no time and simply enjoy the freshness being up there. Among wide range of hikes available, we at Nature Treks offer some special¬† areas.