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Namaste! Welcome to Nepal, Himalayas
Nepal! Largely known as the land of “Sagarmatha” or “Mount Everest” sandwiched between two Asian giants China and India in its north and south is the country of “MUST” see or visit once in everyone’s life. Nepal is branded as one of the poorest nation, which is true and also false! It is also said that, “Nepal is not poor by itself but poorly managed”. The earning of people is very less; the reason behind for this is obviously due to the fact that over 80% of the people are agricultural dependents and are not involved in much of commercial activities. Inspite of all these factors, the spirits of the people are immense in terms of kindness, honesty and hospitality. In Nepal guest’ or visitors are regarded as a god. Now, some changes are coming, as the change is inevitable. This is the hard truth but there are much more positive aspects, friendly people and the magical beauty of this country, which always follows the bright side. Where in the world people and the environment not suffer or go through the torment of the change. It is safe everywhere and unsafe everywhere. It’s the way one lead the life and accept the time- whatever happens, happens for good!

26 million people live in Nepal’s geographical diverse land formed by seventy percent of hill and mountain and rest flood plains within the area of 147,000 square kilometer only. The elevation change from south to north is drastic, creating most amazing habitat for its natural biodiversity. The elevation varies from mere 120m to 8848 meter. Nepal hosts’ enormous figure of imperative plants, trees, varied wildlife and 9% of the world’s population of the wonderful birds’ species

As varied as its natural splendors, the amazing diverse inhabitants reside here all of which displays the array of their own distinct and distinct culture and traditions that has been handed over by their ancestors from the time immemorial. Following the culture and tradition is regarded as an important aspect to keep it live to respect other than the self.

Having said, Nepal’s dependency in agricultural life, the tourism is becoming an important part of the life here, as there are enormous prospect to attract the tourist. The undeniable factors of attraction are the Himalayas. There are numerous peaks over six thousand meters and eight highest peaks of the world are located in Nepal only. Besides the mountains, the rolling and terraced hill with lush green forest and the people that inhabit there are very delightful. At the same time the unique natural heritage also forms an important and integral part of the tourism along with the exceptional assortment of cultural wealth in Nepal.

Why visit Nepal

There is absolutely no reason why you should not visit Nepal. Below given 16 reason makes this place a “MUST” visit at least, once in your lifetime: –

  1. The highest mountain – Mount Everest (8848m) known as Sagarmatha in Nepal.
  2. Out of total fourteen 8000 meters peak, Nepal has eight 8000 meters mountains, which are Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Manaslu, Cho Oyo, Dhaulagiri, Annapurna and Everest itself
  3. Lumbini, the birth place of Lord Gautam Buddha (Light of Asia)
  4. Nepal has 9% of the world’s bird’s population (863 species- Bird Conservation of Nepal)
  5. Great pilgrimage site due to the holiest shrines of Lord Pashupatinath and many other pilgrimage destinations all over the country.
  6. 2% of the flowering plants in the world.
  7. 4% of mammals on earth.
  8. 11 of world’s 15 families of butterflies making over 643 species in Nepal (Butterflies of Nepal, Collin Smith)
  9. 600 indigenous plants families
  10. 319 species of exotic orchids.
  11. Deepest gorge of the world formed by two giants, over eight thousands meter mountains (mount Annapurna –8091m and mount Dhaulagiri- 8167m)
  12. Highest Lake Tilicho at about 5000m.
  13. Best adventure destination in the world – trekking and mountaineering, white-water rafting, canyoning and adventure wildlife safari)
  14. Land of LIVING Goddess
  15. Land of legendary snowman- YETI!
  16. Land of over hundred ethnicity with each having distinct culture and tradition

Come to Nepal for your dream come true experience of lifetime!