Wetland Birds
8 Feb

Nepal marks Wetland Day with bird watching activities!

The government of Nepal marks 2nd February as wetland day. This day various species of migrating birds flying to other parts of the world visit this region. Nepal covers 0.01 per cent of the world’s total landmass in which there are 9.5 percent of various species of wildlife.

There are 886 species of Birds and 208 Mammals, the tallest bird – ‘Sarus’ and the highest altitude flying bird ‘Bar headed Goose’ both of these are found in Nepal. From the highest point Mt. Everest (8848m) which is located in the Northern side of the country and the lowest point (70 meters above sea level) is located at Kechana kalan of Jhapa District where we can find different varieties of wildlife in Nepal.

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The wetland day is celebrated for a week starting from 2nd February 2019, in which different bird watching experts, scientist and book writers are here from various parts of the world to take part in the wetland day they also do research and upgrade their knowledge on various species of birds.

Among local species most common birds found in Nepal are Cuckoos, Woodpecker, Peacock (Peafowl), Parakeet, Spotted dove, Hill Myna, Jungle Fowl, Black Drongo, Bulbul and Rock pigeon, The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has red listed fifty five species as endangered. The World Wetland Day 2019 highlighted the importance of wetlands and climate change and made has set the main motto as ‘Wetlands and climate change’.


Wetland Day

Birding in Chitwan, wetland

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