Rose-ringed Parakeet

Best Birding in Kathmandu

Best Birdwatching Spot in Kathmandu Valley: Phulchauki Hill and Godawari Community Forest Without hesitation, the prime recommendation for unparalleled Birdwatching within the Kathmandu Valley is undoubtedly Phulchauki Hill and its encompassing Godawari community forest. This locale stands as an extraordinary bird habitat, not only within the...

Birding in Nepal

Birds of Mustang

Here’s some beautiful avian life from Mustang-the trans-himalayan region of Nepal. The desert like landscapes with scarce food source and harsh climate does make it feel like the area can support and hold many beautiful birds. However, its wonderful habitat for many rare and highland birds....

Nature Hike


Did this short walk at Ichhangu for birds on last weekend (Saturday), that turned out to be nice fun meeting and birding with other like-minded people, mostly students of forestry and environment with other some regular weekend walkers. Ichhangu, just east of Swoyambhu stupa use to...