7 Mar

Corona and Nepal!

Scenario of Coronavirus- Covid-19, in Nepal NOW!

Looking at the present activities in whole country, its seems that we are back in normal. It feels great to be out of this scary situation. Unfortunately, many part of the world are still gripped strongly by Covid-19. When, getting out of home, we just see and feel people are in their normal daily routine. They are moving around, working, talking and gathering freely.  The mask is there but most people seems also not sacred or not bothered to wear one. Forget about the social distancing, as we see people traveling in packed public transportation and traveling together in large groups. Schools and colleges are open as usual, people working in the streets without much of worry, the parks and gardens are filled with people specially on weekends. The traffics in the road is even worse and nobody is worried to be too close of even for an accident. All are in hurry and racing with each others. The public transportation are just picking up and dropping people from anywhere they want, even from the middle of the road in -who cares attitude! And it feels like, we are living life normally as they used to before this pandemic.

Its funny that the authorities are not worried at all and we do not see their presence. Forget about the people abiding the regulation of the pandemic. It may look good to be in normal but what would be the consequences in future, when we have stronger muted virus here. We will deal it and win it!!!

Yes, the pandemic has brought down the world  upside down. The main people, who has suffered lot more than anybody are the people working in the streets for daily wages. So now they have to earn something for their family. One thing is clear that some people are getting even better economically but the people at the grass root, who spends their life working extremely hard are the one that is facing more and more challenges in their sustainability without the wages and the government support. Life is such!

Having said all, we in Nepal do have some kind of protection naturally, probably we are still not too modern – hahahaha... We are still living in the family value that was taught and passed down to the generations.

And continuing the traditional life in this modern world, we must be careful and appeal everyone to be careful and follow simple, not taking this a strict rule but habit of social distancing, wearing mass, avoiding the big crowded area and managing the simple hygiene at home and outside by regular washing hands. At the same time go to nature get the fresh air and energy from nature and feel great. Love and protect the nature and whatever is there in the nature as they are all  a part of our healthy ecosystem.


Nature is healing, nature is giving and is amazing!


Himalayan Birds


Nature walk

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