Nepal Himalaya
12 Jan

Snow-capped Beauty

It was beautiful sunny today, that I thoroughly enjoyed on the top of Boson Hill, on my second Steppe Eagle count day. The mountains view were exceptional today. Kathmandu valley is surrounded by rolling hills and getting up any of these hills or from some points of the valley floor offers a view of the mountains on a clear day. Many mountains view even they are not so close can be seen, including the highest mountain on Earth – Mount Everest, that I saw today. Among many snow-capped beauty that are seen, here are some major peaks

Langtang peak is the nearest mountain peak from the capital and is located in Langtang national park-one of the popular destinations of trekking and birding and wildlife tours

Himalchuli- peak of mountain, is located in Gorkha district

Annapurna II is the second-highest mountain of Annapurna massive in the north of Pokhara. The area of trekking is called Annapurna – one of the most trekking destination in Nepal

Ganesh Himal, named after elephant-headed god Ganesh as the peaks from one point looks like the trunk of an elephant, beautiful, next to Langtang peaks

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