Rice plantation Day
29 Jun

Rice Plantation Day

Asar 15 gate, as per Nepali calendar month, Nepal is in celebration of the day as, ‘Dhan Diwas’ (Rice Day) or National Rice plantation day. It commemorates the life of farmers and rice an extremely important food crops in Nepal too as many other Asian country. The yields largely depends on the water and the plantation, that can impact the life of people and every individual later part of the year. So it’s the time to make sure, the rice plantation is done well and done with fun and fun fare. The beautiful sights can be seen and enjoyed in many parts of the country today with the special and simple food of Dahi (curd) and Cheura (beaten rice).

Rice plantation

Dhan Diwan

So let’s celebrate the day, get involved and click the moments. Just grab your camera and go there!

Happy Asar 15 gate- Dhan Diwas, the national rice plantation day!

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