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Maithan (Manakamna), Gorkha!

In spite of being in comfort distance from Kathmandu and with it’s amazing combination of historical (Gorkhas and old palaces and Kots), cultural, popular destination, intact community managed forest,accessibility and spectacular Himalayan view (Annapurna, Gorkha Himal, Ganesh Himal, Langtang and Jugal Himal), this area has still sees very few tourists, apart from Maithan visit. This is also a village of first Martyrs of Nepal, Lakhan Thapa Magar and spiritual Lakhan Thapa, come from. Every year , well over a million pilgrims visit this famous Maithan or temple of Manakamana but not beyond to explore the other hidden parts of this area. The famous soldiers, Gorkhas of Nepal are well known to the world, originated from this area. It is the most historical and spiritual area, near Kathmandu. The Gorkha palace, Maithan, first Martyrs of Nepal, many important shrines and caves. The area is equally well known for spectacular mountain ranges such as Annapurna, Gorkha Himal, Ganesh Himal, Langtang and Jugal Himal are seen from most of the walks with many hills. Unique Magar culture with other communities are great to experience too. Gorkha is also the district also has one of the largest production of tasty orange, regarded as the best orange in the country.

This area can be used from 2-7 days visit with walk or even drive and is well connected from Kathmandu. The tour can be easily extended to Chitwan for wildlife and nature safari, Pokhara and Annapurna treks and tours, Gorkha town and Bandipur with many other places in the country. Before the walk, you can also enjoy the thrilling adventure river Trishuli river rafting with beach camp.

Suggest tour options area

  1. Kathmandu to Trishuli Beach camp, with rafting and start hiking to Manakamna and Kaule to continue to Gorkha and Pokhara or return to Kathmandu
  2. Kathmandu to Manakamna by cable car and hike and return to Kathmandu
  3. Kathmandu to Trishuli Beach camp and visit to Mankamna and continue to Pokhara or Chitwan or return Kathmandu

This tour still involves walking through the hilly trails and forest and can be easy to strenuous but the highest elevation gain is 1800m only with 1000m mostly.

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