An ornithological tour that explores the birds of mid-highland and lowland of Nepal. Nepal is extremely rich in bird diversity, occupying almost 9% of the world’s birds.

Located on the southern fringe of the valley within a short distance, Godawari forest is the best birdwatching site in Kathmandu with some 300 species of birds such as Spiny Babbler (endemic species), many rare, endangered and globally threatened species.

Nestled on the lap of the 3rd highest mountain in the world Kanchenjunga, Milke Danda is located in the east Nepal. Rhododendron forest's of Milke Danda is one of the most spectacular forests in Nepal that encompass over 16 species of Rhododendrons along the hiking area only

Langtang national park is rich in its natural biodiversity just to the north of Kathmandu, with Langtang range and sacred lake Gosainkund. Great hiking and birding trail

19 Nights 20 Days

Migration of birds is an enigmatic event for humans but it’s so amazing to see the birds migrating to the same place in same time through out their life. About twenty percent of birds that makes to Nepal,

This trip combines the scenic short off the beaten trek that offers the good taste of trekking experience, socializing with Madi community and to finest Chitwan National Park

11 Nights 12 Days

This tour explores the two finest national parks of Nepal in the lowlands, that offers the best chance experiencing the diverse nature and wildlife of Nepal. Chitwan National Park is listed as a World's Natural Heritage Site and is the best habitat for all kinds of major wildlife and birds.

11 Nights 12 Days

Red Panda, rare, critically endangered but so cute, that really need sincere attention, so that it can be there, that only benefits human in large context. Let's go explore, appreciate and support its conservation in its natural habitat.

It's not just a normal trek with name tag, but truly a trip of lifetime to explore and track this one of the most endangered, liked and one of the most valued animal of our planet Earth.

Birding and mountain at your comfort at Haibung, next to biodiversity Shivapuri national park, with the bird experts