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Hike, Explore and Experience. GET INVOLVED and feel like a local…

After this wonderful trek, when you have had your time of adventure, recreation and touring around, why not give some time to the communities and get more experience being with the locals, working, eating, learning and teaching what you could be or offer in your own way. This allows you to understand and learn more about the people, culture, the ways of life in the mountains of Nepal and the area and the country itself in a really realistic approach.

This can be a lot of fun in getting involved this way. If you have time of even a couple of weeks, though we recommend longer duration say for about a month as this can really provide something to you and the people you are with. It’s all about giving back and getting back in a much nicer way. You can teach in the school, help the teachers in managing the school, children, develop some new teaching ideas and methods and incorporate in the regular teaching of the children in the school. You can teach computer or IT, or develop your own subject that is beneficial to the children and the communities. Teach the children to be stayed in system and so many things.

If you are interested, the school of Tikot and Tikot itself is a great place that, we highly recommend. You could easily stay and eat in one of the local house in the village. The school chief (Pradip Pun) will arrange it well. All you have to do it soak yourself in this place and enjoy, learn, teach and experience the life!

After trek, would be the best time to do this volunteering. You can start volunteering right after finishing the , “Taste of Community eco-lodge treks” (6 days) or “Classic Community Eco-lodge treks” (10 days). To allow you to provide the maximum exposer, we can even customize the duration and itinerary.

How long or duration…

You could do for one wk of volunteering too, but the best recommended duration would be more, something like 3-4 wk.

Will it cost you something….

For this volunteering, there will be little charge to cover your food, mainly.

For information please feel free to write to us or contact us by email/s or call us:
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Or call us at these numbers 97714381214, 4700894, 9801024777 (cell)

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This activity will be taken in famous Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan area, in Myagdi of mid-west Nepal, near Pokhara